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Jeeeez! This stuff is super boring!
How come it gets so many shares?

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The Semrush Blog hosts the freshest and most up-to-date articles on all digital marketing topics.
Now it also suggests which of these articles are most sought after. Please welcome the “Wow-Score” — an intelligent metric that evaluates posts in terms of how engaging they are.

Measuring Engagement: Conventional Metric Myths

When it comes to choosing what to read, people are steadfastly persuaded by superficial signs like social shares, time on page, page views, etc. But why do these metrics fail to measure reader engagement?

“I couldn’t be bothered to read, but clicked ‘Share’ anyway.” Fair enough.
Research shows there is little correlation between the articles we read and the articles we share.
Time on page
Time on page
While you were making yourself coffee, after leaving hundreds of tabs open, some lucky content author was celebrating the half an hour you accidentally spent on their page.
This metric won't tell you how much time a visitor spent actively reading (as opposed to how much time he spent surfing in another tab).
“Beat Your SEO Competition With These Easy Exorcism Tips!”
The number of page views says nothing about the content of the page. A reader may have been attracted by a catchy headline, but no further reading followed.
The Wow-Score:
How On Earth
Does It Work?

What really matters is how readers interact with your content. So we’ve come up with an easy-peasy formula for measuring reader engagement. Your content’s final score is calculated based on the correlation between users’ active reading time, their scrolling speed and the article’s length.
The best thing about this metric is that people evaluate content while reading without even knowing it.
Compare the incomparable. See what’s more engaging: an overview of the top 10 SEO tools or some post-event report.
As soon as an article gets posted, it starts collecting scores. After that, it only takes a couple of hours to see the final score.

Discover the Best Articles

We can now treat you to the most engaging and exciting reads. The higher the score,
the better the read. It’s as simple as that. Enjoy!

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