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Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn (LinkedIn video)

Whereas the organic reach on several mainstream platforms continues to decrease, LinkedIn shows no signs of reducing its organic reach. 

Social media thought leader, Gary Vaynerchuck, says LinkedIn is now “gold” and has urged people to take advantage of LinkedIn’s “insane organic reach”. 

Among all forms of content on LinkedIn, video and live streaming (application only) are performing extremely well in terms of lead generation and growing one’s brand and thought leadership. 

In this webinar, we will teach you strategies and best practices that you can implement to unlock the power of LinkedIn video so that you can create more impact and income.

Here are some questions that we will discuss:

  • What types of videos should you produce on LinkedIn?

  • How long should your videos be?

  • What equipment should you use to produce LinkedIn videos?

  • Content strategy for LinkedIn video

  • How to apply to have access to LinkedIn live?

  • LinkedIn live streaming best practices

Speaker: Ai Addyson-Zhang: a live streamer; one of Ai’s recent LinkedIn videos gained 14,000+ views, 300+ comments, and dozens of warm leads, completely organically.

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