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The Insider's Guide - BackLink Building in SEMrush


Join Krista Tidman as she guides you through the platform, learning the best tips & tricks to each tool! 

In this webinar, I will be showcasing the Backlink Building tools in SEMrush! 


See your Competitors recently built links:

  1. These lost competitor links could be great opportunities to reach out and try to get that link for your own website. This can be a great indicator of how much time and effort companies are investing in link building.


Finding the Backlink Gaps: 

  1. Add up to five of your competitors and compare backlink profiles
  2. Analyze who has the most backlinks and see where they come from
  3. Find the gap of referring domains where your competitors are outperforming you
  4. Compile those referring domains as link building targets

Start your Link Building Process: 

  1. Determine websites where you can reach out to acquire new potential backlinks and improve your search rankings.
  2. Understand which domains have the highest potential to benefit your site with a backlink
  3. Reach out to different site owners and content producers in order to get links from their domains.
  4. Track newly discovered backlinks and monitor their status to ensure they do not disappear
  5. Find, sort and score new domains with the best link building opportunities so you can continue to build out your backlink profile over time.
  6. Integrate with Google Search Console to identify the websites that Google already knows you have backlinks from, so we won’t give you ideas for building links from these sites.




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