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SERP Features across 11 countries

 A deep dive into how to maximize SERP presence, wherever you are in the world

We are seeing a consistent rise of SERP features with a drop in click-through-rates - nearly 49% of Google searches currently result in no clicks. In this webinar, we will look into just how much SERP features affect SEO Juliana Turnbull (aka SEO Jo Blogs) starts with a 12-month analysis of 125 million keywords across 11 international markets by Authoritas. Her presentation goes into detail about the penetration of Universal Search Results around the world and how to ensure you are as visible in the search engines as possible.

 Jason Barnard follows up with data pulled from 1 million Brand SERPs showing to what extent blue links have disappeared, and which SERP features you should focus on across 10 industries and 11 countries (US, UK, IE, AU, CA, AU, FR, ES, NL, IT, DE).

Hosted by Victoria Olsina.

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