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SEO Surgery India 2.2


Get quick tips on what you can do to improve your website SEO – by watching the experts deconstruct the SEO strategy of 3 different websites.

On 4th April 2018, Nitin Manchanda will host 3 SEO experts and discuss the finer points of how to practically get a website to rank.

You can learn from:

  • Ravi Soni: The expert at “Triangular Wheel” Model for leveraging hidden digital potential for brands. He specializes in SEO and empowers brands to grow a sustainable digital presence, using the right SEO tactics.
  • Andy Drinkwater: A veritable SEO veteran with more than 18 years of SEO technical consultation under his belt. He gets proven, trackable results with organic link building and can spot what is wrong with your SEO strategy in moments.
  • Liraz Postan: The brains behind the Outbrain SEO and content strategy, Liraz focuses on using SEO to improve UX and provide better user retention.

Ravi, Andy and Liraz will assess one website each and explain to you LIVE, what they would do as SEO specialists, to improve site ranking. It is one-of a kind opportunity to get YOUR site evaluated at no extra cost.

Go ahead, submit your website while registering for the session. It could be your site we choose to discuss during the session!