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SEO Surgery APAC #3


SEO Surgery APAC (Australia, Asia & Pacific), is a one hour webinar, where we do “Live SEO Check” to see how your website is performing, and how it can be improved. We bring together the best SEO professionals from around the world for the benefit of the Australia and APAC and run through 3 selected websites, bringing up issues and insights. Buy picking up ideas from our experts, this can also be a good learning exercise for you. SEO is a very broad field, and we aim to highlight the most important issues and enlightening insights.   

Episode 3

Guest experts

  • Dejan Petrovic - Australian online publicist and director of DEJAN, has been well known for SEO internationally for a number of years, speaking at conferences worldwide. Dejan is also appreciated for his outlandish SEO experimentation.  

  • Andy Drinkwater - SEO Consultant at IQSEO, specializing in Technical SEO, Auditing & Reputation Management, with over 18 years experience in the industry. Also known for this internal linking mastery.

  • Nitin Manchanda - Global Head of SEO at trivago, an SEO experimenter. E-commerce SEO, Local SEO & International SEO. Also known for hosting the highly successful SEO Surgery India Webinar series

  • Peter Mead - Webinar host, Head of SEO for Bitcoin.com.au and co-organiser of the Melbourne SEO meetups, with a focus on Technical SEO and Content Marketing. Peter is known to have a passion for the SEO Community.

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