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SEO and Social Media: The State of Organic Traffic in 2019


From social media to search, there’s a variety of ways to drive traffic to your website. But is one more important than the other? And which should you focus your efforts on in 2019?

We’ll discuss all of that and more in our next Social Chat 2.2. Join us to learn where to place your focus in 2019, what SEO efforts matter most, how Google views your social channels, and why now is the time to stop churning out content and create a balanced strategy.

Focus Questions 

  • Let’s start with the age-old question that still gets tossed around: does social media impact SEO?
  • Does search beat social, social beat search or is it a strategic combination of the two?
  • As companies expand their digital marketing efforts in 2019, what’s the most important factor to focus on?
  • Search has become increasingly sophisticated and can leave many wondering, in 2019 - what social signals do search engines really pay attention to?
  • There’s a big difference between Social Media for SEO vs. Customer Engagement. How can you write for both the customer (reader) and search without losing audience interest?
  • Mobile searches surpassed desktop searches 3 years ago, yet many people still think of mobile optimization as an afterthought. What updates should any website owner make today to avoid getting left behind?
  • For anyone looking to utilize both search and social, what’s the best optimization strategies in 2019?

We will have a panel discussion format. 

Hosted by Rebekah Radice

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