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67% of buyer’s journeys start with search, and most people prefer to conduct some online research before even considering your business or services. So, you can tell that any changes in search can really affect your online presence and, thus, your digital success. But you don’t have to waste few hours each day reading up on Google news and updates. All you have to do is tune in to our Search Marketing Scoop podcast with David Bain who discusses all the biggest search headlines. This time he invites Joel Bondorowsky, the Founder of PPC Designs, and Pam Aungst, the Founder of Stealth™ Search & Analytics, to provide you with real insights into some of the most important Google news to watch out for.  

So, don’t miss our YouTube live broadcast to:

  • Stay updated on all the latest Google news that impact your online presence
  • Get some actionable tips from search industry leaders
  • Share your biggest concerns and get answers from experts in real-time
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