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Marketing Scoop Episode 2.29 [SEO]: What can SEO learn from CRO?


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Have you always thought that SEO and CRO were 2 separate worlds, where these 2 separate disciplines sat next to each other but didn’t work together? Perhaps you’ve always thought that improving your CRO didn’t have any impact on your SEO? If so, are you *sure* that is the case?

On this episode of Marketing Scoop we’re exploring how SEOs and CROs can work more constructively together, and how this increased collaboration may benefit both of the roles.

Joining us for this one are:

Tim Stewart – a man who works for SiteSpect Inc as a Web Optimisation Consultant for their UK operation, alongside existing contract and project work for his own business optimization consultancy trsdigital.com.

Alina Ghost – a lady who is an SEO Manager at Amara as well as host of the podcast “SEO with Mrs Ghost” which can be found over at aghost.co.uk.

As ever, the Marketing Scoop discussion will be hosted by David Bain and Judith Lewis.

Join us live on Wednesday, May 1st.

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