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Marketing Scoop Episode 2.14 [Content]


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Marketing Scoop Episode 2.14 is a content marketing special – specifically focusing on “Social Media Content that Converts”. We’ll be discussing how to incorporate calls-to-action into social content without being too “salesy”, and what content and calls-to-action work best.

Special guests:

We’ll have 2 guests joining our regular hosts David & Judith…

A gentleman who helps entrepreneurs to level up their impact & authority confidently using live video – Ian Anderson Gray. Ian’s a Confident Live Marketing consultant and founder of Seriously Social and the Confident Live Marketing Academy.

Also, a lady a regular speaker at social media conferences including The Social Media Summit (Dublin), Big Social (Manchester) and Social Day (London and Birmingham) as well as bringing education and inspiration to business events and annual conferences – Julia Bramble from BrambleBuzz.

We look forward to having Julia and Ian on Marketing Scoop!

Join us live on Wednesday, January 16th. 

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