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How to Increase Your Traffic through the Knowledge Graph


The Beginner's Guide to Semantic Web

What are the Semantic Web, Entities, Topics, and Links? How can they work together to help Google build its Knowledge Graph and how can that give you more sales?

Join Dixon Jones, Peter Mead, and Nik Ranger to learn how to drive relevant organic traffic to your website through the Knowledge Graph. Our webinar will help you discover tried and tested strategies to leverage the semantic web to boost your website's visibility. With tactics like link building becoming more and more difficult (or expensive), this webinar will help you discover new ways to promote your brand by leveraging the power of entities, semantic associations, and links.

Dixon Jones — special guest presenter

Being a foremost authority on the semantic web, Dixon has been an active member of the international internet marketing community since 1999 and a celebrated speaker worldwide on search engine marketing and link building.

Peter Mead — host

Having many years of experience as an SEO consultant, Peter has seen plenty of changes in the industry. Together with Nik and Dixon, Peter suggests things in an SEO strategy that people need to revise to adjust to the semantic web.

Nik Ranger — co-host

Joining us as the co-host is Nik Ranger, SEO Specialist at Studiohawk. Nik has a world of skill and experience overseeing digital strategy, data analysis, content and site architecture for large enterprise and local businesses.