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How to Do YouTube, Q&A with Tim Schmoyer

In this Q&A Sadie Sherran (Falkon Digital) will be joined by Tim Schmoyer (Video Creators) to discuss building a YouTube audience and creating content for successful engagement on YouTube. 

Tim Schmoyer founded Video Creators in 2006; which is an online community for YouTube creators and entrepreneurs to learn cutting-edge YouTube growth strategies, and the fastest way to building a highly engaged audience. Tim has worked with YouTube beginners through to Fortune 500 companies and household brands to grow their YouTube channels from 0 to 100,000 subscribers and beyond! His experience and successes in the industry will make for some interesting and highly valuable insights. 
Sadie Sherran is a director at Falkon Digital, a YouTube certified digital marketing agency. With a background in SEO dating back to 2007, Sadie has worked with brands creatively to build their online success, specifically using Video Marketing and the YouTube platform in recent years.
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