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Australian Search Marketing Academy (ASMA) - WordPress Topics and Structure

Join our live webinar with Arsen Rabinovich from TopHatRank, who will be presenting a tutorial on WordPress Topics and Structure. Arsen will give a 25-minute slideshow on how to structure WordPress information architecture and topic organization avoiding focus confusion and improving Search results. A slide deck presentation will be available afterward for download. After the presentation your host Peter Mead and Jine Wu, our guest co-host will have a Q&A session including questions submitted.

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Guest presenter - Arsen Rabinovich

Arsen has a wealth of knowledge with WordPress, being a founder of TopHatRank.com and based in Los Angeles he features prominently in the SEO community. Arsen will explain how to best structure your WordPress topics for better search results, with numerous changes you can implement right away. Arsen’s webinar is set to be very helpful for all of us WordPress peeps.  

Guest co-host - Jine Wu

Jine will be co-hosting the webinar with Peter Mead. Jine understands the Australian search landscape, being a Digital Search Manager at REA Group. With Jine joining us as an Australian search expert and guest co-host, it will surely be a fun and informative webinar.

Webinar host - Peter Mead

Peter is your webinar host and is very excited to have Arsen and Jine as our international and Australian guests. Please submit your questions and Peter will ask our guest expert advice on a range of your interests. As a WordPress SEO Consultant, speaker and presenter, Peter is passionate about this webinar topic. He is also an advocate for the Australian Search Marketing community.


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