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4 Hours of E-A-T | Structuring, Visualizing and Evaluating Your E-A-T


You’ve understood that Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness are the single most important pillar to your digital strategy. You’ve applied those concepts to your content. You’ve effectively communicated the E-A-T of your brand, your authors and your content to Google (and your audience).

But... how can you organize your E-A-T efforts? How can you visualize them? How can you get a handle on how effective all that E-A-T work has been? 

Jason Barnard will walk you through several techniques to organize, visualize and evaluate your E-A-T efforts — at content, author and brand level.

If you have ambitions to leverage E-A-T to your advantage for your SEO — or better still, as a major pillar of your wider digital marketing strategy — then you need to:

  1. Figure out a way to structure your efforts,

  2. Identify a window of visibility on your work,

  3. Evaluate your success.

This webinar will give you the keys to structuring, visualizing and evaluating your EAT.

Host: Nik Ranger.

Guest experts: Andrea Volpini, Dave Davies.

All levels