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Nicholas Chimonas

Nicholas Chimonas is the head of research and development at Page One Power, a white hat relevancy first link building firm located solely in Boise, ID. He loves beer, links sans nofollow, old cars and Tweeting with strangers on the Internet. Get at him @nchimonas on Twitterland!
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Links, NoFollow II: The Reckoning | Rated NC: Not for Content

The nofollow tag was never meant to be applied to editorial links the way it is today. A decade has passed since nofollow’s introduction, and it would seem that through a combination of Google’s campaigns against low-quality guest blogging, link spam and 10 years of hearsay, something terrible has happened.
Jun 18, 2015
Semrush Q&A: Page One Power Head of R&D Nicholas Chimonas

Semrush Q&A: Page One Power Head of R&D Nicholas Chimonas

Page One Power Head of Research and Development Nicholas Chimonas joined Semrush as special guest for a webinar panel, “If I Build It, Who Will Come? Purpose-Driven Content Marketing Strategies for 2015.” Nicholas responded to some additional questions about link building, TLDs and top strategies for “domainers.
Mar 25, 2015
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