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Traffic Analytics Pitch Mode: Your Secret to Making the Right Impression

We know that a number of SEMrush subscribers use Traffic Analytics data when presenting to their prospective customers, potential investors, and seniors. So we decided to introduce a feature that would help them put themselves right with the audience. Read more...

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SEMrush Revamped Stats Page

Living in the information world we refer to statistics on many occasions. We use facts and figures to back up our business decisions or to confirm the credibility of a prospective partner. That’s why we at SEMrush care so much about the relevancy of our stats. Read more...

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Brand Monitoring: New Statistics Tab

Good news! The Statistics tab in our extremely helpful Brand Monitoring tool has been fully redesigned. We've taken into account all your ideas and suggestions – thank you! Now let’s see what’s new. Read more...

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Traffic Analytics to Be Priced Separately After November 8

We hope you haven't missed your chance to enjoy the unlimited access to all SEMrush Traffic Analytics features and reports that we offered to all paid subscribers to celebrate the tool's relaunch. Read more...

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Brand Monitoring: Sentiment Analysis

Talk is cheap, isn’t it? But people will always talk, and you will have to listen, especially if you own an often discussed brand. We can’t make everybody say only good things about you, but we can help you track your brand online mentions more easily and conveniently. Meet a new feature in Brand Monitoring: Sentiment Analysis. Read more...

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Marketing Calendar: Campaign Performance Report

Some good news from our Marketing Calendar! We have recently updated it with an extremely helpful feature to make sure that a campaign is on track to meet its objectives. You can now link campaigns in the Marketing Calendar to your real campaigns in Google Analytics by using UTM tags, and then track the traffic data. Read more...

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Posting to Pinterest is Now Available!

Finally, we’ve got it covered! You can now schedule, post and draft your content to all your Pinterest profiles at once. Read more... Posting to Pinterest

Competitive Intelligence 2.0: The Power of Data in the Service of Your Business

10 years ago SEMrush began as an SEO solution aimed at making online competition fair and equal for everyone. After a decade of trailblazing experiments and hard work this small startup has grown into the world's leading competitive research service covering all areas of digital marketing. This autumn, to provide our customers with the full range of market insights SEMrush announces the release of its Competitive Intelligence 2.0 toolkit. Read more... Competitive Intelligence 2.0

UTM-builder in the Social Media Poster

The much anticipated UTM builder is now available in our Social Media Poster! Read more...

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Keyword Magic Tool: The Biggest Database on the Market!

Today we have a very special cause for celebration. This update is set to blow your mind. You’re now all set to build the most profitable SEO or PPC campaign as our big hitter, the Keyword Magic tool, is more high-powered than ever before. We have increased not only the quantity but also the quality of the collected data. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re taking off! Read more...

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