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I have a special message for those who missed our previous Twitter Chat — sorry to say it, but you missed a lot! It was fun, dynamic, incredibly informative, very long and it rocked!

The good news is that we’ve already skimmed the cream and made a yummy cocktail with the best tips on how to rock on social media in 30 minutes a day! Enjoy the tips of almost 200 participants and our guest expert Sarah Nagel @sprout_sarah, Social Marketing expert at Sprout Social!

Q 1. What steps should a company take before starting their daily activities on Social Media?

So, where to start? It’s definitely not enough to simply create a social account and pour yourself a cup of coffee. If you want to rock on social media, you have to do a hell of a lot of work before you post your first message. Strategy first.

Let’s take a look at the basics that any company should know before beginning their social media activities.

Every move we make leads us to our goal. Don’t forget that social media is an important part of a complete business plan, and it can either help you or became just another useless instrument and a total waste of time.

Perform some competitor research. You can get a lot of ideas — from basic strategic moves to topics for the great posts. And no copy and paste! You understand this, right?

Make sure that you set up a great profile: write a proper description for your About Us section, include a nice cover image, etc. Everything should tell a user who you are.

Your first message begins with… no, not with words, but with your audience. “Decide who your target audience is and make sure whatever content you push is specially tailored to them.” — Bolt ‏@BoltWeb.

Start following opinion leaders in your industry — they can be a great source of news. And also a great source of new followers!

Right after you’ve completed these steps, the social media game begins! When you start posting, be prepared to spend some time on research and on creating excellent content; and definitely be ready to devote time to creating a content calendar. This is absolutely essential!

Q 2. A day in the life of a Social Media marketer: What daily tasks are absolutely essential?

First of all, having a cup of coffee! It’s a universal work driver for everyone!

OK, all kidding aside, let’s take a look at the daily routine of a great social media specialist. We’ve got a lot of interesting insights and useful tips!

Discipline, time management and having a schedule are essential parts of any successful campaign. And we are not talking just about social media. “If I didn't set daily/weekly goals/benchmarks, I'd never get anything done.” —  Brandon Seymour ‏@Beymour.

Mention monitoring is a daily routine as well. And there are two sides to it — monitoring both news feed and brand mentions.

And it’s very important to communicate with people: “RESPOND to those who've reached out to/mentioned you.” — ThinkSEM ‏@ThinkSEM. If people are interested in your brand, product or service, there is no other option but to thank them, answer their questions and get them even more interested.

The key to increasing engagement — behave and communicate as you would in real life. We are not robots; we all like talking with human beings, not with office machines.

While working on your content plan, don’t forget to interact with your team. It’s great to provide your audience with useful content that solves actual problems, but don’t forget, you are the voice of your company. Although, usually company heads think otherwise and talk just about themselves — seriously, don’t do this!

While we’re talking about content creation, it would be a mistake not to mention that different social platforms require different types of information. Note these differences!

And luckily enough social media specialist routing include a lot of reading. The most pleasant part of the job, I think, that helps you stay tuned.

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Q 3. What is the anatomy of a perfect post? Any secret posting tricks for different social networks?

It really sounds like a delicious recipe: a killer headline to get attention, useful/funny content that people will want to share, and a call to action for increasing engagement.

And if you want your post to attract even more attention — don’t forget about visuals!

Photos and pictures can be much more than just eye catchers. And there are a lot of visual components besides images that help reades scan information easily and understand if it’s worth a click.

Also, an essential part of every post (no matter which social platform you use) is a hashtag. “Hashtaged posts in Twitter get something like 30 percent more engagement.” —  Matthew Young ‏@MatthewAYoung.

Every social platform has its own specificity: different features dictate different kinds of information perception. So the same post can work great for Twitter, but be an absolutely terrible fit for LinkedIn. So don’t stick to one type of post! Add some creativity and lend some variety.

Also we got a lot of Twitter tips — not surprising considering that we hosted a Twitter chat!

Q 4. Content Curation: What are quick and easy ways to find the best content to share?

You can spend hours surfing Internet blogs, but with a little help from various tools and a few tips, you’ll be able to deliver great content to your readers much faster.

One of the most effective and easiest ways to stay updated — organize your Twitter lists, Google circles, etc., so you can see news from certain audiences whose interests you share. “Group all your favorite people together, continually grow them, and boom — instant content.” —  Dan Smith ‏@itsdansmith.

Also add some authoritative blogs. For SEO news, you might want to follow these:

A little automation can bring no harm, so use tools to find the best content.

Probably the best source of good content — your imagination! Although good content requires time and effort, the feedback it receives is priceless. Here are some ideas you might like:

Q 5. Audience: What are some great ways to grow your fanbase easily?

Everybody agreed — there is no easy way to gain prominence in your community. Interest in your company, as well as authority and media weight have to be earned by honest work, unique content and genuine interest to your community’s problems.

“Avoid spamming people and paying for followers. People appreciate an honest social account built up over time.” — Jack Cooper ‏@Vertical_Coop.

Building great relations with companies and people similar interests can open doors to new followers. Collaboration can be a win-win strategy!

As we mentioned before — unique content is another great driver of interest for your company or personality. And I want to add an important reminder fromTony Dimmock ‏@Tony_DWM — "Learn what the "best content" means for your target audience (this is largely misunderstood).”

And once again — a little automation can bring more profit. There are also some helpful tools that you can check out.

Q 6. Time-Savers: What Social Media tools do you use for: Social Listening, Posting, Analytics?

And now it’s tool time! Check out this daily toolkit of a great social media specialist!

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