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Nightmare on SEO street
Escape from evil SEO spirits by choosing techniques that secure your position in SERPs.

Are you sure that each step of your SEO strategy is the right choice? Read 10 statements about SEO and mark whether each one is a bad ?? good behavior in relation to Google. The results will show you what the search engine will do to your website’s in ranking - trick it ?? treat.
Nightmare on SEO street
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How are you preparing your business for Halloween? Is it by hanging creepy decorations all around the office, serving tasty treats and playing traditional games? Or maybe by offering a special deal or a special product?

This year we want to suggest one more idea - take our funny quiz and discover whether you are prepared for all the SEO challenges that might await you on All Hallow’s Eve, and during the whole year. Whether your back is covered or you need a life raft, SEMrush has prepared a bunch of articles featuring smart advice for all SEO occasions. So, complete the quiz and search for your Halloween treat under your quiz result.

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