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Elena Terenteva

New SEMrush Data: Fresh Keywords, Precise Volumes

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此帖子为 English
Elena Terenteva
此帖子为 English
New SEMrush Data: Fresh Keywords, Precise Volumes

This year SEMrush celebrates its 10th anniversary! So let’s kick off the celebration with a big announcement and a sneak peek at a little something we like to call SEMrush 2.0.

Last year we were recognized as the Best SEO Software Suite of 2017 by the European Search Awards and by both the United States and the United Kingdom Search Awards. But perfection knows no limits.

With our upcoming innovations, we will keep raising the bar for digital marketing toolkits. And since the cornerstone of any analytical process is data, that is exactly where we are starting our renovation.

Data: What Makes It Accurate

Before we dive into detail, let's recap the main ideas and arguments concerning keyword search volumes and why they are important for digital marketers.

Volume indicates keywords’ popularity through the number of searches and is a very valuable metric for SEOs. Finding low-competition keywords with high volumes of search is the holy grail for many. Here it gets interesting: how do we get this data?

Google is the only official source of keyword search volumes, but over the years it grew less and less enthusiastic about sharing the information. And this is where clickstream data comes into play.

Clickstream is an anonymous record of users’ activities in web browsers and on various apps. This information is aggregated by data-providing companies and sold to all kinds of analytical platforms. Collecting this information is the easy part, processing it to get valuable results is much trickier. False volume estimation leads to faulty keyword targeting, which eventually ruins your SEO and PPC campaigns.

To ensure that you get the most relevant and precise data, SEMrush is implementing a new machine learning algorithm for search volume forecasting and validation. And we can claim to have the most accurate volume estimations on the market. Now let's see how we have achieved it.

New Data: Keeping Up With The Changes

Search is ever-changing: new popular things get the spotlight while others perish, the demand mutates, and users cultivate new habits. To stay current we have to be flexible and to be flexible we needed a change in the core of our analytical framework – the keyword database.

The first innovation affects the keywords themselves.

We are retiring old and untrendy queries and filling our database with the finest hot-off-the-press terms. Tired of shoveling out piles of worthless keywords? We are relieving you of this chore by providing only the contemporary keywords that have significance for SEO. Reinforcing our status as the best solution for digital marketers, we will deliver the most profitable traffic-driving terms and high-quality longtails.

The second change concerns volumes and the aforementioned clever machine learning method.

We will keep updating our volumes monthly, but with the new algorithm and architecture, we can raise the standards for estimation accuracy even higher.

But, like many great things, our improvement has one small drawback. A new database means new digits, which may affect your reporting. The total number of keywords can swing, and you might notice some spikes and drops in traffic estimation. We hope it will not become a major fly in the ointment because eventually, you will get the best tool with the most accurate data.

If you are concerned about the reduced number of keywords, don’t be. Our database will stay just as large, but now it will contain the most adequate keywords for website optimisation.

You will still have our Keyword Magic Tool with all of the fantastic keyword research features at your disposal, if you are not going after the keyword analysis for the specific domains, and need a full database for brainstorming and diversifying your semantic core. This data will also be regularly updated with the new keywords and freshest metrics.

Data 2.0: The SEMrush Way

Now let’s enter spoiler territory with a promised teaser of our new Domain Analytics. To provide the best experience we are sprucing up the interface and augmenting our reports with some remarkable features. Plus, the new architecture will immensely speed up our tool.

To optimise the SEO workflow, we streamlined our Overview Report. It will show only organic metrics with clear-cut widgets for traffic estimation, keywords, position changes, SERP features, competitors, top pages and top subdomains.

Competitors are assessed in a brand new way that is unique to the market. Managing competition research has always been our strong suit, and yet we are adding a new level of precision to the analysis. Now it is not only about the common keywords but also about rivals’ proximity in the search results. By considering the closeness of positions, SEMrush excludes contenders from the outskirts of the SERPs and surrenders to you the real opponents.

Traffic is now presented with absolute values to improve the experience of our users. Be aware that these are still estimations based on volumes and average CTRs. While the numbers are not exact, they are close to the real picture and accurate in terms of correlation. So, you should not perceive this estimation as the ultimate data source, but rather as a strong asset for comparison and analysis.

Positions and Position Changes reports have a brilliant addition. Now, all filtering that you apply will not only affect the data table but will also instantly change the graphs. This is unprecedented for such a huge database. Having a visual representation on the fly will immeasurably enhance your analytical process.

SEMrush Domain Analytics instant graphs

Our advanced filtering with instant graphs creates an incredible sandbox for nuanced trend analysis. Evaluate in a multitude of ways how the website is performing over time, assess specific subdomains and pages, and filter them out by various SEO metrics and keywords of different types.

And that’s not all, folks. More great improvements are on the way, so stay tuned.

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Elena Terenteva, Product Marketing Manager at SEMrush. Elena has eight years public relations and journalism experience, working as a broadcasting journalist, PR/Content manager for IT and finance companies.
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