In the business of online marketing, what you say and how you say it determines whether people will buy what you are selling or not. In other word, content is king. This is so true of today that the quality of your product pales in comparison to the quality of your content with regard to bringing in customer loyalty and sales.

Therefore if you are going to market this content in order to attract your niche demographic, then the content better be worth looking at or else the marketing campaign will fail even before it begins!

The Need For The King

There are four key reasons why content is critical for successful online business:

  1. It’s your currency

You conduct transactions using based on the content you develop. You market your products and services using your content. People search for, consume and share content so your needs to be great in order to bring in the profit for your business.

  1. It’s your locator

Potential customers can only find you in the vast World Wide Web using your content. The words you use and the combination of those words will determine the ease (or difficulty) with which potential clients can find you.

This is where search engine optimization is important. You need to use key words that make it easier for you to be found among a sea of competitors online by improving your ranking.

  1. It’s your advantage

Speaking of competition, online business is on a whole other level. The world became a global room (literally!) as Internet access improved along with global transport and communication. It therefore means that your competition is no longer a similar store down the block, but hundreds of thousands of businesses offering the same stuff that you have all over the world.

Content is what will give you an advantage over these other businesses; first, by increasing your visibility through better search engine rankings, and second, by developing customer loyalty after they have already found you. So choose your words wisely.

  1. It’s your ‘charm’

Your content is what builds a relationship between you and potential clients, as well as fostering loyalty. It also helps you find and partner with other businesses that can compliment your own. For instance, a photographer can build a relationship with a clothing designer to provide services to a client. This way, both can promote each other.

The Makings Of The King


If you are going to create content worth marketing in a competitive industry, then you don’t need great content, you need epic content. The difference here is that while great content may strengthen your marketing, epic content strengthens your brand; and that’s at a totally different level.

So what does this epic content look like?

Well, first, it earns a lot of shares. (Like, an ton of them!) It is content that literally stands on its own feet. Not only that, it delivers long term results that are sustainable; the gift that keeps on giving.

Epic content is exhaustive. It covers all there is to cover regarding the product or service you are offering. In addition, it has a long shelf life so no need for constant content creation – just a few updates as and when needed. It also helps to present your brand and business as credible by showing your brand to be innovative and ahead of the pack.

Sounds like a dream, right? It also sounds like it needs quite a bit of work and here are some pointers on how to create epic content.

Steps To The Throne

Step 1: Use your head

Content creation is about bringing ideas to life. Get a team to research the market, follow the trends and thought leaders and come up with ideas that are current yet visionary based on your product and niche. Narrow down to about four epic content ideas, choose one, keep the rest and proceed from there.

Step 2: Know your stuff

In-depth and comprehensive research is paramount in order to have that comprehensive and credible quality of epic content. Get as much information as you can about industry trends, your niche market and develop relevant content that they can consume.

Step 3: Choose your Fformat

How it looks is as important as what it’s saying so based on your niche, the product, and your capabilities, develop the most appropriate format. Try not to get ahead of yourself here. Going too far out of the box may leave you with a format that you can’t manage or is not reliable. Work with the latest proven formats that you can handle.

Step 4: Choose your structure

Choose all your critical points and how they will flow in advance. This helps you avoid forgetting critical facts for that could push your brand forward. Make sure to use key data so that your brand appears credible.

Step 5: Put it all together

Now it’s time to create your content. Whatever format and structure you choose, remember to have titles that pop so you can improve your visibility. They should be brief and clear. Make valid arguments in the content with confidence so you can be regarded as a thought leader.

Step 6: Test drive

Find some reliable people who can give you honest feedback on the content to take a look at it. Prepare a questionnaire to get clear critique of the content so that you know what exactly is working and what’s not.

Step 7: Polish it up

Using the feedback, make the necessary changes to your content then let it sit for a while. Take a fresh look at it to see if you would like to change anything and when you are satisfied - put it up!

Behold The Epic!

Now that you have before you epic content, marketing it to your specific demographic will be a breeze. You really won’t need much effort since the content truly does speak for itself. And with that kind of content, you should certainly expect a lot more hits and conversions on your website in no time.

Jack Dawson is a web developer and UI/UX specialist at BigDropInc. He works at a design, branding and marketing firm, having founded the same firm 9 years ago. He likes to share knowledge and points of view with other developers and consumers on platforms.

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