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Keyword Kombat:
Winter Sports Edition

While the world’s best athletes fight for gold in South Korea, SEMrush offers you another great competition. Win as many medals as you can in Keyword Kombat: Winter Sports edition!
The rules are simple: from each pair of keywords choose the one you consider more popular among Google users in the US.
Good luck!
Which of the two terms do you think is searched for more often?
+100 Points: 0
Which keyword is more popular?
search volume: 20,400,000
search volume: 1,500,000

Your score: points

The new round of Keyword Kombat is here! Our keyword guessing game is back and is better than ever. If you already mastered our Winter Holidays game, we have a new challenge for you. This time we are celebrating winter sports. Join the Kombat and try to win as many medals as possible!

*For this game, we used data from SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool (US database).

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