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Keyword Kombat 2020

Hello, and welcome to Keyword Kombat 2020!
We all know the Internet is being pounded with searches related to the holidays, gift ideas, places to shop, etc., but which words are being searched for the most around the world? You might be surprised!

Which of the two terms do you think is searched for more often? You will have 10 seconds to choose, so get ready!

Want to play again with different keywords?

Are you a keyword expert? Can you guess which keywords are more popular? Which do you think is searched for more, "Christmas sweater" or "ugly Christmas sweater"?

Keyword Kombat is back for the 2020 winter holidays! The rules are the same - you will be given two keywords of a similar nature. You will need to guess (or deduce!) which one has a higher search volume, i.e., is more popular among Google users. Have fun!

For this game, we used data from SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool (US desktop database).

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