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Social Media

Social media marketing is a vital tool in boosting exposure, brand engagement and sales, and mastering it is harder than it looks. Discover the best tools, most effective strategies and a whole host of actionable tips with posts from industry experts designed to improve your social strategy.

It is estimated that the influencer marketing industry will be worth between $5 billion to $10 billion by 2020. This is the primary reason why so many fake influencers have cropped up in the past few years. While it can be hard to identify fake influencer profiles, there are ways in which brands can shortlist real influencers for their campaigns and avoid investing in fake profiles.
In this Weekly Wisdom, Hannah Moyer reviews how to use custom audiences to better target your potential customers and current customers on Facebook ads. She reviews creating audiences from data files and website traffic, using data for retargeting, creating lookalike audiences, choosing video audiences and much more.
There are many small businesses out there that need suggestions for social media marketing. Often they have less manpower, less budget, and less time to be creative and manage social. So last week, our team discussed social media best practices that small business owners can utilize with our #SEMrushchat participants.
If you have been running Facebook ads for a while and are even generating leads from it but finding that lead quality isn‘t great or that they are not quite converting at a similar conversion rate to your Google Ads, this guide is for you. See my three advanced tactics to sky-rocket your lead quality from Facebook ads
Get a walkthrough on how to use Reddit to do keyword research as well as strategies for coming up with high-quality content ideas. Topics covered include how to find your people on Reddit, how to spot potential content ideas, looking for patterns and trends, testing content ideas and asking for feedback, finding and building rapport and more!
This is the definitive guide on setting up Quora Ad Campaigns by Quora‘s JD Prater. He offers insights on how to set up different kinds of ads correctly and shows you each of the Quora Ad targeting options. Find out how you can reach the right audience, which ads are best for you, and see step-by-step how to set them up.
Need helpful and fast ways to gather a list of potential customers on Instagram? Andrea D‘Ottavio breaks down exactly how you can do that, shows you which tools to use and shows you how to use them in this Weekly Wisdom video.
Last week, the #SEMrushchat topic was “Social Media to Grow Your Business“. I watched to see which tips our community contributed that I thought were unique and insightful, and I compiled the list for you. Check out the advice given and gain useful strategies you can put into place right now.
Twitter recently announced the implementation of a new ad transparency feature amidst issues of being exploited for political purposes during the 2016 US Presidential Elections. This development does not only affect political parties, but also everyone else who runs social media advertisements. Find out how you can use to improve your campaigns!
Instagram is continually making changes, have you kept up? If not, don‘t miss our Weekly Wisdom video with Mikhail Alfon. He breaks down the latest metrics you need to know about and provides insights all business Instagram users need to know. We have provided a transcript for you as well.

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