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At SEMrush we regularly produce in-depth research and case studies. Discover all our SEMrush studies and SEO analysis right here to improve your best practices.

Discover the key highlights from our comprehensive Digital Shopping Performance Report to get a helicopter view of the global online shopping landscape, uncover the key market winners and their growth channels, and pinpoint the fastest-growing ecommerce market segments.
You’ve been working on your website really hard, and can’t wait to see it on the top of the search, but your content is struggling to overcome the 10th-page hurdle. If you are sure that your website deserved to be ranked higher, the problem might exist within your website crawlability.
We analyzed the biggest ecommerce websites, most popular Black Friday product categories, products, and brands to uncover the latest trends and shifts in consumer online behaviour which may affect Black Friday 2020 deals.
We analyzed around 1,000 websites and billions of keywords to assess how the financial services industry addresses the shift from “respond” to “recover” and embraces the tremendous growth of digital in 2020
Many brands like the idea of being able to outsource content writing, but some struggle to implement outsourcing for a number of reasons. We surveyed 485 respondents to find out why they choose to (or not to) outsource content writing, the main challenges they‘re facing, and the benefits they get from it. Check out our findings and get actionable advice on how to execute your outsourcing strategy!
SEMrush has analyzed the latest ‘People Also Ask‘ feature trends. We identified how often People Also Ask results appear in SERPs, PAA location on the page, positions of the sites presented in the PAA box, types of queries triggering PAA as well as the anatomy of a PAA box.
SEMrush has compared voice search results between all digital assistants - 3 Google Home devices, Siri, Alexa, and Android phone. We analyzed the length of the replies, how many questions devices can’t answer, and what devices really matter for search as well as dove deeper into the local voice search results to uncover how algorithms treat local voice search queries.
Read this post to uncover market-driven tactics that help businesses drive more traffic and earn more visitors.
*This is the updated version of the study released on April 17th.* To keep up with the latest content marketing trends, marketers need to know what is being talked about in their industry. To help you stay up to date and adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly, we decided to spot the top content marketing trends on Twitter and Google search. Discover the study results in this article.
Which website issues do you really need to focus on first? We‘ve collected anonymous data on 100,000 websites and 450 million pages using the SEMrush Site Audit tool to determine the most common on-site technical and SEO mistakes and issues.
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