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Paid advertising is a fast yet effective way to bring relevant traffic to your website. Explore our PPC articles and discover actionable guidelines, checklists and case studies from PPC practitioners to help you go through the most important stages of planning, managing and evaluating a PPC campaign.

Want to improve your YouTube Ad campaigns? Check out the three targeting options I chose to reach my target audiences on YouTube. Updating your video marketing targets will allow you to hone in on the audience you’ve always wanted.
Google Ads can be one of the most efficient ways to attract relevant customers to your business. As is the case with many marketing pursuits, though, the question usually comes down to budget: can you afford Google Ads costs? In this guide, I will run through the process of getting started with a Google Ads PPC campaign so you can boost your digital marketing efforts in a cost-effective way.
We talked to our PPC team, as well as dozens of PPC marketers at several conferences we attended this spring and came up with a list of 39 tools that make the lives of paid advertising pros easier. The list of tools will help you save time, lower ad costs, manage accounts, get more leads, create attractive ads & landing pages, and automate some laborious tasks you may have considered unavoidable.
One of the questions that is often asked of marketers is whether budgets should be allocated towards SEO or to PPC, and on this guide, we‘ll explore the two different channels and look at the pros and cons of each to help you reach a decision on which is right, or whether you should be investing in both.
In this guide, we‘ll help you to understand what PPC is and how it works, as well as making sure that you‘re familiar with the different platforms (predominantly Google Ads and Bing Ads) and how they work and how you can use these to drive success and enjoy a strong ROAS for your business from the channel.

Learn More About PPC

Want to know more about PPC? Industry experts share their insight across a range of different PPC articles on a number of subjects.

Automation is a common practice for businesses in 2020, offering efficient ways to quickly knock out certain tasks. This is particularly true in the world of paid marketing. PPC automation can help you save time and money while driving more results. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at how you can use PPC automation to grow your business with 7 simple steps.
The cost per click (CPC) that you pay when you bid on keywords with PPC plays a huge part in your campaign‘s profitability. But there is more at play to optimize your account than just reducing your max CPC bid in your account. We‘ll look at why this is the case and proven methods of bringing the cost down.
Find out how to attract traffic that converts in 2020. Discover how to optimize your paid traffic strategy with AI technology via the Traffic Jet tool, and build a plan that helps you turn more visitors into customers.
The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses around the world, and whenever there is economic uncertainty, one of the first things to get axed is marketing budgets and campaigns. Discover hidden opportunities that are currently available due to the Coronavirus.
Learn how to use the Google Keyword Planner for SEO and PPC Campaigns. We have a step-by-step guide on how to use it, planner hacks you need to know, the pros and cons of the planner and breakdown of the limitations you should know.
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