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How To Prepare for Core Web Vitals Update

Data Studies

8 min read

How to Prepare for Core Web Vitals Update in 2021 [Study]

Semrush conducted a research study aiming to discover any trends and dependencies that the upcoming Google Core Web Vitals update may bring, as well as figure out what impact on websites it could have. In this post, you will see the key findings, get actionable tips on how to analyze a site’s Core Web Vitals, and learn what you should do to improve them.
Aoife McIlraithApr 07, 2021
Search trends: mobile vs desktop
digital shopping performance
World data trends 2020 by Semrush

Data Studies

14 min read

Semrush World Data Trends: 2020 Year in Review

By analyzing Google searches and websites‘ statistics, Semrush has taken a look at the 2020 year in review, showing what the world cared about most. Discover world data trends of 2020 in this study: headlines, fashion trends, celebrities, politicians, sports events, entertainment options and more.
Fernando AnguloDec 09, 2020
Black Friday Stats
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