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Luke Harsel

Case Study: How an SEO Company Grew Revenue by 704% with SEMrush

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Luke Harsel
Case Study: How an SEO Company Grew Revenue by 704% with SEMrush

InFront WebWorks is a web design and development company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado that decided in 2013 that they wanted to grow their small SEO department into a primary source of company revenue.

In June of 2013, they brought on Michael Hodgdon (whom we interviewed for the case study) to build the SEO team and implement a process to grow the department. Michael told them he needed two things to get the job done:

1. A great team 

2. The right SEO software 

They began to build a team of SEOs with agency level experience to tackle every aspect of a website's health and visibility. Their covered a wide range of SEO services, including:

  • Conversion tracking and KPI monitoring
  • Onsite optimization, keyword targeting and optimization
  • Website speed and mobile compatibility
  • Local SEO, citation building and NAP consistency
  • Offsite optimization, link building and competitor link analysis
  • Content building, blogging and site updates

After evaluating dozens of SEO tools and software to fit their needs, InFront's SEO team chose SEMrush. The variety of reports and tools that came with their subscription seemed to be the deciding factor.

From one screen we can view Domain Analytics, Position Tracking, Site Audit results, SEO Ideas, and Social Media highlights on dozens of accounts to get an idea of progress. When we want to know more detailed information, very granular reporting information is available by clicking into the report. Time is extremely important to running a successful SEO team and SEMrush provides imperative data and saves a tremendous amount of time. - Michael Hodgdon

In less than 4 years, InFront WebWorks’s SEO and online marketing department grew its annual revenue by over 704%, maintaining an annual client retention rate over 95% during that time.

So, how did they do it? 

They credit SEMrush with helping their team focus on their three main goals: illustrating trust, transparency, and results

Download the case study by clicking on the image below and read the whole story.

Case Study: How an SEO Company Grew Revenue by 704% with SEMrush. Image 0 Click to download

Luke Harsel

SEMrush 员工。

Content team member writing about SEO and Semrush's SEO toolkit.
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