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With voice search so hotly discussed and debated this year, we decided to produce a study that will offer data you need. Discover which ranking factors are critical for success to do well on Android & other Google devices. Our findings will offer great insights to SEOs and marketers worldwide.
Google announced a major core update for June 2019, changed how search results look on mobile devices, added online food ordering directly from Google Search, Maps, and the Assistant, and much more! Keep reading to see all the changes over the last past weeks.
Need helpful and fast ways to gather a list of potential customers on Instagram? Andrea D‘Ottavio breaks down exactly how you can do that, shows you which tools to use and shows you how to use them in this Weekly Wisdom video.
Last week, the #SEMrushchat topic was “How to Write Explosive Content“. Our community contributed outstanding tactical strategies and insights that only come from a lot of experience. If you want to improve your content marketing strategies, read through these tips.
Industry-focused events provide you with things you cannot find elsewhere, such as career building opportunities or the sharing of best performing tactics. We are happy to present the most valuable insights we have gained lately from top content marketing conferences.
Strategies for using classic PR for SEO have been around for some time. But this post delves into a very specific tactic that almost any site owner can leverage for publicity via mentions and links, simply by using their own local data.
We at SEMrush constantly monitor Google’s updates, as the search engine rarely stands still. While testing the updates that are most likely to impact advertisers, we have figured out the most important factors that will help increase the efficiency of your Google Ads campaigns in 2019. And we also explored some ways you can benefit from them.
Last week, the #SEMrushchat topic was “Social Media to Grow Your Business“. I watched to see which tips our community contributed that I thought were unique and insightful, and I compiled the list for you. Check out the advice given and gain useful strategies you can put into place right now.
If you are going to be in the SEO game, you have to pay attention to the latest and greatest Chrome extensions to keep up. In this video, I will review some needed, useful, and tactical extensions and plugins that will make your life easier.
Twitter recently announced the implementation of a new ad transparency feature amidst issues of being exploited for political purposes during the 2016 US Presidential Elections. This development does not only affect political parties, but also everyone else who runs social media advertisements. Find out how you can use to improve your campaigns!

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