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SEO is an incredibly long-term process, and many sites owners don’t have the patience to really “wait it out.” But you can’t just flip a switch and be on top of the SERPs overnight, just because you’ve finally invested in onsite SEO, link building, and content marketing.While you and I can see the changes immediately, feeling the true effect of those changes (and ongoing efforts) takes time. Are you ready for the long SEO haul.
URL shorteners are easy to ignore. You might realize your link was automatically shortened when posting on a social networking site, but you go about your day because it looks good.What many don’t realize, however, is that there is quite a bit of information that goes into URL shorteners. You actually have a choice about which shortener to use and when (and this choice makes a difference).There are many different shortener options, and all come with different features.
The Hummingbird effect.What do SEO specialists all around the world think about it? Two weeks ago, you read Diego Ivo's answers. Now let's examine the opinion of an expert from another continent. Is it different?Here's our interview with Alan Perkins, CEO at SilverDisc Limited in the United Kingdom.
In the weeks since Google’s Hummingbird update, SEOs from around the Web have been trying to figure out what the heck it was all about. Most of us saw no appreciable change in rankings, up or down. And we know it has to do with speed, but now we’re learning that it also has to do not just with semantic search, but with “entity-based search.”What does that mean?
Based on popular demand, we will be hosting our "SEMrush: A Complete Tutorial" webinars weekly.These introductory webcasts are intended to help existing customers better understand how to use our software and tools.Join us on the following dates this month...
Join us next Wednesday for our joint webinar with Textbroker.On November 6, David Black of SEMrush will discuss how to use competitor analysis strategies and data to build a solid PPC campaign from the ground up.Get more details after the jump.
Our introductory webinar was such a hit, we decided to do it again!Join us Thursday, October 31 at 3:30 p.m. EST (12:30 p.m. Pacific) for our second SEMrush webinar. It will be held on Halloween, so costumes and candy are very much encouraged.The webcast is free for any existing paid customers. Participants will get a better understanding of how SEMrush works, and how the software can be used.
In their attempt to stop spammers from unfairly dominating the SERPs, Google has pushed out major changes to the algorithm (Hello Penguin 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1!), as well as rewrite some of the Webmaster Guidelines to categorize more types of links as “unnatural.”For instance, anchor text in online press releases is out, as are "DoFollow" links from guest blogs.
For a couple of years now, I’ve been watching Google’s activity in terms of Web spam. Of course, their actions to stop Web spam started a long time ago. Some of us noticed it (mostly SEOs), but everyone started really noticing about the time “Panda-guin” devastated many well-known websites.No longer would link wheels, blog networks, sidebar anchor text links or duplicate content be tolerated.
If you are in a competitive industry such as iGaming, consumer finance, spread betting or property, you will engage in link building. However, there is a high budget required for this task. And how do you plan the use of this high budget to get a good result? This is where link planning comes in.At 90 Digital we plan links based on competitor analysis to build the optimal link profile for your website.

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