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If you are running a Shopify e-commerce Platform and looking for some SEO tips for your Shopify store, then look no further! I have compiled a list of SEO tips that are fundamental for running a successful Shopify e-commerce store to increase online visibility.
In this guide, you‘ll learn how to submit your site to Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and DuckDuckGo), as well as understand other ways that they can discover your website or URLs, including sitemap submissions, internal linking, earning inbound links and more.
Find out how to attract traffic that converts in 2020. Discover how to optimize your paid traffic strategy with AI technology via the Traffic Jet tool, and build a plan that helps you turn more visitors into customers.
SEO reporting can be a complex task: from the metrics you should include to how often you should update it, an SEO report can take up a lot of your time. In this guide, our goal is to help you to understand what a perfect SEO report should look like and what it should include, helping you to take your reporting to the next level.
In this study about positioning yourself in the SERPs, you will learn a few interesting facts that will help you, your website, and your business grow. I am going to show you how structured data, website speed, and the quality of your copywriting can affect your rankings.
A simple guide to using semantic HTML5 to communicate the structure of your pages: What is semantic HTML5? Why do you need to use semantic HTML5? What does it look like? Here are some easy-to-implement examples...
We have 3 exciting new features from May‘s updates: Analyzing a Website’s Traffic Journey, Audience Overlap Between 5 Domains, A New Keyword Cannibalization Report, and Improved Domain Insights with Compare Mode.
This article includes a hand-picked list of resources that offer some of the best online courses out there in digital marketing, tech, and design. There are free and paid options, online digital marketing college programs, and MOOC platforms to learn from. See all of your options, and start learning today!
Thorough market assessment will reveal your most promising international opportunities. Use this 10-step guide to help you choose your next target market.
Keyword cannibalization is an issue that causes continued confusion amongst even the most experienced SEOs, and understanding how to find and fix problems that arise because of it are key to overcoming things that can hold back your site. Here, you‘ll learn how to do just this, as well as learn the ways in which it can hinder your organic performance.
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