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Melissa Fach

A Year of Awesome Content: The Top 12 Articles From SEMrush Contributors in 2017

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Melissa Fach
A Year of Awesome Content:  The Top 12 Articles From SEMrush Contributors in 2017

We are super excited to share with you the top 12 SEMrush blog articles for 2017, but first, we want to thank our community. You have been so amazing and have made this a fantastic year for our blog. Your comments, social shares, and your outstanding and helpful articles have been a blessing to us and those in our industry that want to learn.

To our writers, Alex and I want you to know that we understand how much effort it takes to create a solid piece of content and we appreciate your time and your hard work. You are the backbone of our blog and your willingness to share your strategies and insights are truly awe-inspiring to our entire team. We thank you all and are honored to work with you. So let's move on to the awesomeness! 

The Top 12 SEMrush Contributor 2017 Blog Posts of the Year

1. January

6 Straightforward Steps to Create Bookmark-Worthy Content 

by Bill Widmer — @TheBillWidmer

2. February

What is Schema? Beginner‘s Guide to Structured Data 

by Luke Harsel — @lukeharsel

3. March

10 Headline Tips and Tests That Need to Leave Your Backburner 

by Sergio Aicardi — @SEOcompanyMiami

4. April

7 Ways To Beat Competition Through Strategic Visual Marketing

by Evan Brown — @designmantic

5. May

How Startups Should Do SEO

by Kevin Indig — @Kevin_Indig

6. June

You Don’t Sell “Products.” Fully-Descriptive Nav for Better SEO and UX

by Ian Laurie — @portentint

7. July

How High Can Your Facebook Ad Frequency Go and Still Convert?

by Kristopher B. Jones — @krisjonescom

8. August

Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic with Content Gap Analysis

by John Reinesch — @johnreinesch

9. September

The Secrets of Semantic HTML5 for document structure — a Guide

by Jason Barnard — @jasonmbarnard

10. October

5 Hidden Google Analytics Reporting Features You Should be Using

by Katie Cunningham — @kac4509 

11. November

Large-Scale Study: How to Rank for Featured Snippets in 2018

by A.J. Ghergich — @SEO

12. December

Reverse Engineering Your Competitors’ Backlinks with SEMrush

by Kevin Indig — @Kevin_Indig

We want to send extra thanks to each of these authors for their hard work and for thinking of our blog for their articles this year.

Write For Us In 2018!

We plan on making the blog even better in 2018, and we are always looking for writers that can offer our readers actionable strategies and experienced insights. Our #1 goal is to educate and to be a resource for our community.

Alex and I work as a team on the SEMrush blog, and it is our job to provide the best content possible. It isn’t easy to be published on our blog, but if you are willing to work with us to make your articles better, we promise to do our best to promote you and your work throughout our community.

Did you know we currently have three columnists at SEMrush? We would like to thank each of them for their hard work this year. Columnists are chosen based on their experience, writing ability, and successes for writing for our blog, and we are looking for more columnists in 2018. 

If you would like to contribute, please review our publishing guidelines before submitting.

Melissa Fach


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